About Me

all started with a trip. It was the middle of 1975 that we were going to the historical city of Hamedan during a business trip.

We enjoyed the pleasant weather on the road and the unique beauty of the western nature of the country caught our eye. We came to see well, to create new opportunities and to make a difference. Our destination was a small leather workshop that had not been inhabited for a long time. The destination itself became our turning point and the beginning of the memory that we are narrating and building to this day.

For those of us who are concerned with effectiveness, travel is always changing, so we did our best to breathe new life into the lifeless body of that tannery. We turned the pages of history and were amazed by our country's strong history in leather production.

When we knew that the best sheepskin in the world is produced in our country, Iran, and a large part of its raw materials are exported abroad, we decided to launch a new plan. The attitude of the Iranian audience was another part of our challenge, an audience that until then traveled the world to find quality leather products, while Jamjam was at home.

Our goal was to make Iran a leader in the production of leather products and to make the Iranian people proud in the use of these products. That small leather workshop inspired us to build our factory in the city of Mashhad, and today, together with efficient human capital and a loyal audience; We have been able to become a brand that is known throughout Iran and cultivates the idea of ​​participating in global markets. Yes, by coincidence, the world can be taken!

Now that the taste of the Iranian audience has changed and the value of domestically produced leather goods has been understood, we have succeeded in establishing more stores in a large area of ​​our country, Iran. Stores that are not only the place to present our products but also part of the memories of every city. Achieving these goals undoubtedly requires appreciation of the community in which we grew up and took root.

Thanks to this, we built a school for more people to enjoy learning, we stood by the able-bodied to build the future of this land with them, and we helped build a roof for the comfort of our colleagues.

We seek new desires in the minds of our audience and promote them as an innovative and dynamic brand that keeps changing their behavior and tastes.

Our story is the story of all the people whose memories of Mashhad leather are current. We are intertwined with their identities and present in their moments. Sometimes it is the beautiful feeling that is created by giving a gift to a loved one, and sometimes it is the warmth of a cold autumn morning before the trip. We are reminded of the hard and sweet moments of life or the feeling of restlessness before a romantic meeting.

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